Homecoming Week

The tradition of Homecoming Week was revived in 2002 under the supervision of the Director of Big Game Week and Charter Games, Amanda Williams. In 2003, for the first time in 40 years, the University saw a full week of student-oriented Homecoming activities, largely the result of coordination between the Rally Committee, the newly-formed Student Homecoming Team, and 17 other student organizations and affiliates. Homecoming Week celebrates and honors the people of California.

Each year, the number of events, activities, and participating groups has increased. Today, the UC Rally Committee hosts events such as comedy shows, academic fairs, and the traditional Homecoming Rally the night before the Homecoming football game. The Rally Committee is continuously improving Homecoming Week and looking for new and innovative ways to bring the entire Cal community, both alumni and current students, together to celebrate being Golden Bears.

Take a look at the 2019 Homecoming Week Events that are being hosted by the UC Rally Committee! All events are ASUC Sponsored and ADA Accessible.

Oski Homecoming Hugs

Upper Sproul Plaza

Monday, 10/14/19 from 11am – 1pm

A great way to start off your Homecoming Week, come get a hug from the one and only Oski! Be warmed by the Spirit of California in his arms

Berkeley’s Best Building

Online Form

Open until 10/16/19 at 12pm

Vote for your favorite building on campus to be recognized during Homecoming Week!


Homecoming Faculty Appreciation

Online Form

Open until 10/17/19 at 12pm

Submit the name of a faculty member that you would like to have recognized at the Homecoming Sproul Rally and/or write them an appreciation letter.


Cal Spirit Night Rally

Southside of Berkeley Campus

Thursday, 10/17/19 starting at 8pm at Bowles Hall

Come parade around Berkeley with Cal Band, Dance, Cheer, Rally Committee, the Mic Men, Oski, and all your friends! This is a great way to get a kick start on the Homecoming weekend celebrations.

Cal Spirit Noon Rally

Upper Sproul Plaza

Friday 10/18/19 from 12pm – 1pm

Light up your blue and gold pride at this lively, all-campus event featuring all of your favorite Cal Spirit groups!

Spirit of California, Card Stunts at Cal

Location TBD

Friday, 10/18/19 from 5:30pm – 6:00pm

Join the UC Rally Committee’s Director of Traditions and Director of Stunts for a brief presentation on Cal’s most colorful invention and tradition. Card Stunts have become a staple at major sporting events, come learn how it all began here at Cal!

2019 Homecoming Rally

Steps of Doe Library

Friday, 10/18/19 beginning at 8pm, immediately following the Chancellors Reception

A great event for all parents, alumni, students, and friends! Combining the classic tradition and spirit that Golden Bear love with the talent and diversity of today’s student body, this rally — featuring Cal Band, Dance, and Cheer, along with some of the best student performance groups on campus — is a must see show!