Executive Committee

Meet our 2018-2019 Executive Committee!



Name: Ryan Dana

Year: 4th Year
Position: Chair
Major: Physics & Data Science
Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Firing the California Victory Cannon for the first time.
Fun Fact: I do research at the Breakthrough Listen Project to look for Aliens!
What I’m most excited about for this year: Meeting more of the incredible people that call Berkeley their home alongside myself.


VC Community Outreach
Name: Leeza Cruz
Year: 4th Year
Position: Vice Chair of Community Outreach
Major: Economics
Favorite Rally Comm memory: During basketball season, we get the best seat in the house right behind the commentators’ table. During one of the games, I was screaming so loud that the Pac-12 networks workers came up to me and told me to quiet down because I was picking up in the live feed. I also had one of my Free Throw Distraction Crew cutouts featured on TV! 
Random Fact: I teach a DeCal on Drake! 
What I’m most excited about for this year: Graduating and connecting Cal Spirit to even more groups throughout campus

Below is a description of each of our four branches and their members: 


VC Membership

Name: Dean Lewis

Year: 3rd Year

Position: Vice Chair of Membership

Major: Economics & Psychology

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Bonfire Rally, being able to participate in Freshman More Wood, and holding my first card stunt!

Random Fact: The best way into my heart is through the US Soccer WNT or Taylor Swift.

What I’m most excited about for this year: I’m excited about meeting new members and creating a welcoming environment for all students on the UC Berkeley campus if they choose to be a part of the Committee!

ExComm Bio
Director of Member Events
Name: Maria Martinez
Year: First Year
Position: Director of Member Events
Major: Intended Psychology
Favorite Rally Comm memory: Technically a memory from before I was in the Committee but taking a photo with the flag on Cal Day! I actually SIRed because I wanted to come back and learn how to wave them… I’ve come a long way!
Random Fact: I first dyed my hair pink the day before my 18th birthday because my dad dared me to, and it’s become such a convenient part of my identity; I’m easy to spot in a crowd! Also, I have a burning passion for nutella bagels with bacon.
What you’re most excited about for this year: Getting to know all our new members and hopefully providing them with the sense of community and support that the 2017-2018 UCRC gave to me💙💛
Director of Athletics

Name: Emily Duda

Year: 4th Year

Position: Director of Athletics

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Basking in the warmth of the Spirit of California during my first Big Game Bonfire Rally! Truly a wondrous sight to behold. GO BEARS, BEAT $TANFURD!

Random Fact: I’m from the best state starting with the letter “C” … Connecticut, of course! :)

What I’m most excited about for this year: Sharing the majesty of the Cal Flags with the entirety of the UC Berkeley community!

Director of Communications

Name: Sierra Abasolo

Year: 4th Year

Position: Director of Communications

Major: History

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Getting to participate in the banner procession to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the University of California, Berkeley.

Random Fact: I am a transfer student.

What you’re most excited about for this year: I’m just excited to be on the Executive Committee. I think the whole year will be really fun. And I can’t wait to help out the new committee members and make sure they have a great time on the committee and at Berkeley as a whole.

Flag and Oski
Director of Athletics

Name: Jeremy Dworkin

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Athletics

Major: Undeclared

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Waving Tubby for the sproul rally and walk-up parade before the Homecoming Arizona Game!

Random Fact: I’m an identical twin!

What I’m most excited about for this year: Teaching people how to wave the flag and watching them smile while they wave during games :)


Vice Chair of Rallies

Name: Alexa Tisopulos

Year: 3rd Year

Position: Vice Chair of Rallies

Major: Public Health and Integrative Biology

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Firing the California Victory Cannon at the Campanile to start a charity race, seeing everyone’s reactions when the 2017 Bonfire was first lit, and making friends that have become my family at Cal!

Random Fact: I am involved in Greek life at Cal! If you ever want to know what it’s like to have a foreign father, live on a Mediterranean diet, or know how accurate My Big Fat Greek Wedding actually is, hit me up!

What you’re most excited about for this year: The opportunity to include as many UC Berkeley students as possible in rallies and events, to support the incredible events Spirit Branch is planning this year, and providing everyone a reason to “Go Bears!”
Director of Stunts

Name: Eric Manzo

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Stunts

Major: Political Science & Society and Environment
Favorite Rally Comm memory: Being a part of Freshmen More Wood during Bonfire Rally
Random Fact: I don’t have my license but I can drive a tractor (I’m from Fresno). 🤷
What I’m most excited about for this year: I’m supper excited to do a stunt show for Big Game Week!

Director of Special Events

Name: Megan Wiener

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Special Events

Major: Legal Studies and Psychology

Favorite Rally Comm memory: The 8 hour drive up to Oregon with everyone singing these weird songs and telling stories of their own favorite Rally Comm memories. That weekend is when I got closer with a lot of the older members, and I had such a great time. Being in a car with Emily [Duda] (who made us stop to pee ~10 times) was definitely worth it.

Random fact: I was a cheerleader since I was 5 years old. I was on a competitive team, went to Worlds, all that until I hurt my back pretty bad and had to quit. But now, I get to experience the same fun and spirit as a part of Rally Comm!

What you’re most excited about for this year: I’m excited to be at all the rallies I plan and see how many students come out to night rallies, or alumni and families from the Berkeley community come out to noon rallies and know that I had a part in planning something that my fellow Golden Bears love.

Director of Traditions

Name: Hanna Hitchcock

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Traditions

Major: Political Science and History

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: My first Midnight Singing! It was magical.

Random Fact: My hometown is Salinas, California, also known as the Salad Bowl of the World because our main export is lettuce.
What I’m most excited about for this year: I am so excited to spread the Spirit of California to new members and show them all the amazing traditions in which Rally Comm participates. This is a big organization but over time, it has come to feel like a true family to me, and I want to share that with others.


Website Photo
Vice Chair of Publicity

Name: Claire Robbins

Year: 3rd Year

Position: Vice Chair of Publicity

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology/Data Science

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Cable car rally through San Francisco!

Random Fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose.

What you’re looking forward to most this year: I am most excited to spread Cal spirit to the incoming classes!

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.42.42 PM
Director of Mixed Media

Name: Andrew Pierce

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Mixed Media

Major: EECS

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: It is hard to pick one to be honest. I feel like every time I spend time with Rally Comm members, I make new favorite memories.

Random Fact: I’m the a huge video game nerd, but no one knows shhh.

Director of Mixed Media

Name: Scott McCrae

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Mixed Media

Major: EECS

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Road trip!

Random Fact: I love cooking and baking, and beat one of my friends’ moms in a “French Toast Slam-Down” — it’s one of my proudest achievements.

What I’m most excited about for this year: I’m really looking forward to working with the rest of the Publicity branch and getting to know everyone in the committee better :)


image (1)

Name: Lauren Meyers

Year: 4th Year

Position: Treasurer

Major: Cognitive Science

Favorite Rally Comm memory: Bonfire Rally – It was amazing and there was so much Cal Spirit that it warmed my heart… and my face.

Random Fact: I watched Rocket Power’s Race Across New Zealand when I was 5 years old and loved it so much that to this day, my dream vacation destination is New Zealand.

What you’re most excited about for this year: Enjoying my last year in the Student Section!


Name: Douglas Wickham

Year: 2nd Year

Position: UC Cannoneer

Major: Political Science

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Being able to watch the entire student section from the banner cheer and run onto the field after we won a tense football game.

Random Fact:  I’m also a lumberjack on the side and compete with Cal Logging Sports.

What you’re most excited about for this year: Bringing the most I can to Cannon and Cannon Crews as we look back on 150 Years of Berkeley history.


Name: Kate Montana

Year: 3rd Year

Position: UC Cannoneer

Major: Anthropology and Integrative Biology

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Anything and everything we have done in the Greek Theatre.

Random Fact: I only eat McDonald’s hamburgers (no pickles or onions) in segments: first the dry bun, then the bun with ketchup and mustard, and finally the patty.

What you’re most excited about for this year: I am beyond thrilled to have an explosively fun year ahead helping to facilitate the firing of the California Victory Cannon by UCRC friends new and old!

Director of Security

Name: KC Hunt

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Security

Major: Chemistry

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: I absolutely love everything to do with Big Game. All the rallies, the enthusiasm, the energy; it really made me happy to be a Golden Bear.

Random Fact: I don’t know which one to say, so I’ll just say both: I have a twin sister who goes to UCLA (the second best public university) AND I can run a 4:43 mile.

What you’re most excited about for this year: I can’t wait for football season, and now that I’m more apart of the committee, I can’t wait to participate more and spread the Spirit of California to even more people (lol idk why I sound so optimistic rn).