Executive Committee

Meet our 2018-2019 Executive Committee!


Name: Ryan Dana

Year: 4th Year
Position: Chair
Favorite Rally Comm Memory:
Fun Fact:
What I’m most excited about for this year:


VC Inclusion & Outreach
Name: Leeza Cruz
Year: 4th Year
Position: Vice Chair of Inclusion & Outreach
Major: Economics
Favorite Rally Comm memory: During basketball season, we get the best seat in the house right behind the commentators’ table. During one of the games, I was screaming so loud that the Pac-12 networks workers came up to me and told me to quiet down because I was picking up in the live feed. I also had one of my Free Throw Distraction Crew cutouts featured on TV! 
Random Fact: I teach a DeCal on Drake! 
What I’m most excited about for this year: Graduating and connecting Cal Spirit to even more groups throughout campus

Below is a description of each of our four branches and their members: 


VC Membership

Name: Dean Lewis

Year: 3rd Year

Position: Vice Chair of Membership

Major: Economics & Psychology

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Bonfire Rally, being able to participate in Freshman More Wood, and holding my first card stunt!

Random Fact: The best way into my heart is through the US Soccer WNT or Taylor Swift.

What I’m most excited about for this year: I’m excited about meeting new members and creating a welcoming environment for all students on the UC Berkeley campus if they choose to be a part of the Committee!

ExComm Bio
Director of Member Events
Name: Maria Martinez
Year: First Year
Position: Director of Member Events
Major: Intended Psychology
Favorite Rally Comm memory: Technically a memory from before I was in the Committee but taking a photo with the flag on Cal Day! I actually SIRed because I wanted to come back and learn how to wave them… I’ve come a long way!
Random Fact: I first dyed my hair pink the day before my 18th birthday because my dad dared me to, and it’s become such a convenient part of my identity; I’m easy to spot in a crowd! Also, I have a burning passion for nutella bagels with bacon.
What you’re most excited about for this year: Getting to know all our new members and hopefully providing them with the sense of community and support that the 2017-2018 UCRC gave to me💙💛
Director of Athletics

Name: Emily Duda

Year: 4th Year

Position: Director of Athletics

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Basking in the warmth of the Spirit of California during my first Big Game Bonfire Rally! Truly a wondrous sight to behold. GO BEARS, BEAT $TANFURD!

Random Fact: I’m from the best state starting with the letter “C” … Connecticut, of course! :)

What I’m most excited about for this year: Sharing the majesty of the Cal Flags with the entirety of the UC Berkeley community!

Director of Communications

Name: Sierra Abasolo

Year: 4th Year

Position: Director of Communications

Major: History

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Getting to participate in the banner procession to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the University of California, Berkeley.

Random Fact: I am a transfer student.

What you’re most excited about for this year: I’m just excited to be on the Executive Committee. I think the whole year will be really fun. And I can’t wait to help out the new committee members and make sure they have a great time on the committee and at Berkeley as a whole.

Flag and Oski
Director of Athletics

Name: Jeremy Dworkin

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Athletics

Major: Undeclared

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Waving Tubby for the sproul rally and walk-up parade before the Homecoming Arizona Game!

Random Fact: I’m an identical twin!

What I’m most excited about for this year: Teaching people how to wave the flag and watching them smile while they wave during games :)


Vice Chair of Rallies

Name: Alexa Tisopulos

Year: 3rd Year

Position: Vice Chair of Rallies

Major: Public Health and Integrative Biology

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Firing the California Victory Cannon at the Campanile to start a charity race, seeing everyone’s reactions when the 2017 Bonfire was first lit, and making friends that have become my family at Cal!

Random Fact: I am involved in Greek life at Cal! If you ever want to know what it’s like to have a foreign father, live on a Mediterranean diet, or know how accurate My Big Fat Greek Wedding actually is, hit me up!

What you’re most excited about for this year: The opportunity to include as many UC Berkeley students as possible in rallies and events, to support the incredible events Spirit Branch is planning this year, and providing everyone a reason to “Go Bears!”
Director of Stunts

Name: Eric Manzo

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Stunts

Major: Political Science & Society and Environment
Favorite Rally Comm memory: Being a part of Freshmen More Wood during Bonfire Rally
Random Fact: I don’t have my license but I can drive a tractor (I’m from Fresno). 🤷
What I’m most excited about for this year: I’m supper excited to do a stunt show for Big Game Week!

Director of Special Events

Name: Megan Wiener

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Special Events

Major: Legal Studies and Psychology

Favorite Rally Comm memory: The 8 hour drive up to Oregon with everyone singing these weird songs and telling stories of their own favorite Rally Comm memories. That weekend is when I got closer with a lot of the older members, and I had such a great time. Being in a car with Emily [Duda] (who made us stop to pee ~10 times) was definitely worth it.

Random fact: I was a cheerleader since I was 5 years old. I was on a competitive team, went to Worlds, all that until I hurt my back pretty bad and had to quit. But now, I get to experience the same fun and spirit as a part of Rally Comm!

What you’re most excited about for this year: I’m excited to be at all the rallies I plan and see how many students come out to night rallies, or alumni and families from the Berkeley community come out to noon rallies and know that I had a part in planning something that my fellow Golden Bears love.

Director of Traditions

Name: Hanna Hitchcock

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Traditions

Major: Political Science and History

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: My first Midnight Singing! It was magical.

Random Fact: My hometown is Salinas, California, also known as the Salad Bowl of the World because our main export is lettuce.
What I’m most excited about for this year: I am so excited to spread the Spirit of California to new members and show them all the amazing traditions in which Rally Comm participates. This is a big organization but over time, it has come to feel like a true family to me, and I want to share that with others.


Vice Chair of Publicity

Name: Emily Pham

Year: 3rd Year

Position: Vice Chair of Publicity

Major: Chemistry

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: My Bonfire Rally tradition is going to the top of the lawn and looking down at the amphitheater. You can see the bonfire, the Campanile, and SF in the background, so it makes for a pretty special moment. But honestly, just anytime I hang out with people from the Committee, I make new favorite memories.

Random Fact: I only wear fun socks. My favorite pair are knee-high socks with dinosaurs on them.

What you’re looking forward to most this year: Meeting new people and hopefully helping them find their home at Cal!

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.42.42 PM
Director of Mixed Media

Name: Andrew Pierce

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Mixed Media

Major: EECS

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: It is hard to pick one to be honest. I feel like every time I spend time with Rally Comm members, I make new favorite memories.

Random Fact: I’m the a huge video game nerd, but no one knows shhh.

Director of Mixed Media

Name: Scott McCrae

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Mixed Media

Major: EECS

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Road trip!

Random Fact: I love cooking and baking, and beat one of my friends’ moms in a “French Toast Slam-Down” — it’s one of my proudest achievements.

What I’m most excited about for this year: I’m really looking forward to working with the rest of the Publicity branch and getting to know everyone in the committee better :)


image (1)

Name: Lauren Meyers

Year: 4th Year

Position: Treasurer

Major: Cognitive Science

Favorite Rally Comm memory: Bonfire Rally – It was amazing and there was so much Cal Spirit that it warmed my heart… and my face.

Random Fact: I watched Rocket Power’s Race Across New Zealand when I was 5 years old and loved it so much that to this day, my dream vacation destination is New Zealand.

What you’re most excited about for this year: Enjoying my last year in the Student Section!


Name: Douglas Wickham

Year: 2nd Year

Position: UC Cannoneer

Major: Political Science

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Being able to watch the entire student section from the banner cheer and run onto the field after we won a tense football game.

Random Fact:  I’m also a lumberjack on the side and compete with Cal Logging Sports.

What you’re most excited about for this year: Bringing the most I can to Cannon and Cannon Crews as we look back on 150 Years of Berkeley history.


Name: Kate Montana

Year: 3rd Year

Position: UC Cannoneer

Major: Anthropology and Integrative Biology

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Anything and everything we have done in the Greek Theatre.

Random Fact: I only eat McDonald’s hamburgers (no pickles or onions) in segments: first the dry bun, then the bun with ketchup and mustard, and finally the patty.

What you’re most excited about for this year: I am beyond thrilled to have an explosively fun year ahead helping to facilitate the firing of the California Victory Cannon by UCRC friends new and old!

Director of Security

Name: KC Hunt

Year: 2nd Year

Position: Director of Security

Major: Chemistry

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: I absolutely love everything to do with Big Game. All the rallies, the enthusiasm, the energy; it really made me happy to be a Golden Bear.

Random Fact: I don’t know which one to say, so I’ll just say both: I have a twin sister who goes to UCLA (the second best public university) AND I can run a 4:43 mile.

What you’re most excited about for this year: I can’t wait for football season, and now that I’m more apart of the committee, I can’t wait to participate more and spread the Spirit of California to even more people (lol idk why I sound so optimistic rn).