Joseph Gonzalez

Name: Joseph Gonzalez

Year: 4th Year, Class of 2022

Hometown: Indio, CA

Position: Director of Special Events

Major: Theater and Performance Studies

Favorite Rally Comm memory: It is so hard to name just one! One is being on the field for Football games during the 2019 football season and taking pictures of everyone. It was cool to be up close to the field and being able to look out to see a packed student section. It was fun to just document everyone’s smilies while capturing these memories. Another is getting to rush the field when we got the Axe back! It was truly an unforgettable experience.

Random fact: All of my immediate family’s initials end in A.G. and are left handed!

What you’re most looking forward to this year: I am looking forward to hopefully a hybrid semester with in-person elements! I miss game days, rallies, in-person meetings and more. I am excited to be in-charge of Noon Rallies and Night Rallies because these were so awesome highlights of my Rally Comm experience. I also can not wait to meet our new members and share my love for Cal Spirit with them!