Kristina Hernandez

Name: Kristina Hernandez

Year: 3rd Year, Class of 2022

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Position: Vice Chair of Rallies

Major: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Snow Trip 2019 holds a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons. The ride up to Tahoe was terrible because of all the problems that our car had. First we couldn’t find snow chains anywhere, got some but they fell off because they were the wrong size, got someone to resize them which made them too small, and once we got a hold of snow CABLES (not the same), were told to take them off a couple miles before we got into a storm and ended up having to call for help to get the Alexa’s car up to the house. By the time we made it to the house we were greeted with cheers and hugs and that whole weekend brought me so much closer to the Rally Comm family and especially Alexa and Kate for having to deal with me in the car for the long ride there and back. I had never been on any sort of road trip with the committee and I hope to be able to go on many more because I loved that weekend so much.

Fun Fact: My high school was very similar to Berkeley in that everyone referred to it as “Cal”, the cal script was on all of our gear, and our fight song was a rendition of “Sons of California”.

What you’re most excited for about this year: I’m most excited to be on spirit branch and work with my branch to do some amazing things and spread the Spirit of California to a larger part of the general student population. I’m also really excited to plan Bonfire Rally and hopefully make it a very memorable experience for everyone, and we can show off that WE WON THE AXE!!!