Steve Escobar

Name: Steve Escobar

Pronouns: He/Him

Year: 3rd Year, Class of 2025

Hometown: Lindsay, CA

Position: Vice Chair of Communications

Majors: Legal Studies, Anthropology  Minor: Disability Studies

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: My favorite Rally committee memory and event was the 125th Annual Big Game, where I got to do a card stunt as a Co Director. It was amazing to see it come to life and keeping the Axe at Home!

Fun Fact: I can say my abc’s in under three seconds, I am a HufflePuff, and I am red and green colorblind! (Yes I can still drive)

What you’re most looking forward to this year: I am most excited to serve a leadership position in such an amazing organization! I also remain excited in keeping the Spirit of California alive. :) Go Bears! Go Alumni!