Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix was a project by the UC Rally Committee to create an alternative fire source for the annual Bonfire Rally. In lieu of the recent wildfires that plagued California, a fundraiser was created to fund the building of a gas structure that would have a minimal impact on the environment, and the risk of fire. The fundraiser, and subsequent rally would be a huge success and the structure would be nicknamed “The Big Flame”, a play off of “The Big Game”, which Cal would win the next day, their first in 10 years.

Project Phoenix, and the Big Flame would be the culmination of countless hours of hard work by a lot of people, brought to fruition only by the dedication of the Committee, and the generosity of friends. It’s light fueled by the Spirit of California… well, that and propane, and so long as the committee has both, the Big Flame will burn bright for many a bonfire Rally to come. Below is the original fundraiser request, along with the donation link (now closed) for archival purposes, as well as the names of those who donated to make the project into a reality.

The Big Game Bonfire is a tradition that has been with Cal for over a hundred years, but with recent fires and environmental concerns, this tradition must either change or risk going out forever. To make sure the light of the bonfire will never go out, the guardians of this tradition, the University of California Rally Committee is forging its newest beginning. Instead of a wood-burning bonfire the Rally Committee, with the help of its generous donors, is building a propane structure that can be reused each year to ensure this tradition will never be extinguished again. Safer, and with a vastly reduced carbon footprint The Big Game Bonfire will return, this time with a cleaner, greener and brighter future.

Below are the generous donators to our campaign:

Zander Danto

Steven Harris

John White

Russel Urzi

Frank Bliss

Mark Davis

Sean Vernon

KC Hunt

Shannon Burns

Leland Robbins

Amy Woods

Lynn Nakada

Ross Crockett

Ryan McMillan

Thomas Edwards Jr

Megan Wiener

Kate Montana

Matt Wojciechowski

Nicole Lincoln-William

Michael Lin

Lesley Chiang

Kate Song

The Kennedy Family

Phyllis Kallam

Maggie Fishbaugh

Rachel Marias Dezendorf

Martin Takimoto

Lucy Madarasz

James Bernet

Aurelia Scheppers

Octavio Hurtado

Lina Diep

Shreyas Chand

William Parker

Kat McNeal

Kate & Bob Bowen

Ryan Dana

Siena Guerazzi