Kristina Hernandez

Name: Kristina Hernandez

Year: 4th Year, Class of 2022

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Position: Chair

Major: Industrial Engineering & Operations Research

Favorite Rally Comm Memory:My favorite Rally Comm Memory has got to be Snow Trip 2019. I had an awesome group of gals in my car and we made some unforgettable memories on the drive up. That weekend also brought we closer to a lot of other committee members and that was even my first time experiencing snow!

Fun Fact: My high school was very similar to Berkeley in that everyone referred to it as “Cal”, the cal script was on all of our gear, and our fight song was a rendition of “Sons of California”.

What I’m most looking forward to this year: GAMEDAYS!!! The fall is such a fun time for RallyComm and after not being in the stadium last year, I’m excited to see my ExComm and every committee take part in all the gameday jobs I grew to love my first two years in the committee.