Massimiliano Lucas

Name: Massimiliano (Max) Lucas

Year: 3rd Year, Class of 2023

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Position: Director of Athletics

Majors: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research; Data Science

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Cannon Crew at the 2019 ASU night game: shot the cannon in the dark, bonded with some real homies, and got back to my dorm at 3am!

Fun Fact: I surf, bodysurf, boogie board, windsurf, wind foil, and wing foil, and yet open water kinda scares me….

What I’m most looking forward to this year: Having some semblance of normalcy in an in-person year!! Stoked to meet everyone in person and (hopefully) be back in the stadium!

Greg Dachtler

Name: Greg Dachtler

Year: 3rd Year, Class of 2023

Hometown: Tiburon, CA

Position: Director of Athletics

Major:Mechanical Engineering Minor: Aerospace Engineering

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Cable Car Rally during Big Game Week 2019!

Fun Fact: I’m a dual citizen with the United States and Ireland

What I’m most looking forward to this year: Returning to campus and getting to meet & wave with all our new members in person!

Wesley Christian Lu

Name: Wesley Christian Lu

Year: 3rd Year, Class of 2023

Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA

Position: Director of Member Events

Majors: Psychology; Social Welfare Minor: Education

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Getting to hold the Pride flag in my rainbow getup for the LGBTQ Pride Football Game against Washington State!

Fun Fact: I have a custom speaker with a picture of Oski & me on it

What you’re most looking forward to this year: Hosting fun events for members to unwind, get to know each other, and experience what it’s like to be part of our spirited community

Alyssa Hurtado

Name: Alyssa Hurtado

Year: 3rd Year, Class of 2023

Hometown: Salinas, CA

Position: Vice Chair of Membership

Majors: Environmental Econ and Policy; Urban Studies

Favorite Rally Comm Memory: My first cannon crew! A chilly night game spent up on the cannon platform is the ideal bonding experience!

Fun Fact: I used to raise pigs and goats!

What I’m most looking forward to this year: I’m stoked to express my Cal spirit around campus and see things come to life again as we return to in person classes!