Wendy Arellano Leon

Name: Wendy Arellano Leon Year: 2nd Year, Class of 2025 Hometown: Fresno, CA Position: Director of Security Majors: Civil Engineering Favorite Rally Comm Memory: My favorite Rally Committee memory definitely has to be the New Member Welcome. Rally Comm really went above and beyond to give us new members a memorable experience that made us feel welcome …

Malena Twomey

Name: Malena Twomey Year: 2nd Year, Class of 2025 Hometown: Bishop, CA Position: UC Cannoneer Major: Intended cognitive science/minor in Spanish or climate science Favorite Rally Comm Memory: Getting the Axe back after nine long years! Fun Fact: My favorite color is orange What you’re most looking forward to this year: Bonfire! And hanging out will y’all :)

Lauren Utne

Name: Lauren Utne Year: 3rd year, Class of 2024 Hometown: Concord, CA Position: UC Cannoneer Major: Ecosystem Management and Forestry Favorite Rally Comm Memory: The entirety of BGW and Oregon trip Fun Fact: I have beat Oski in Rock Paper Scissors at least 10 times What you’re most looking forward to this year: I’m really looking forward to Bonfire Rally!

Julia Miller

Name: Julia Miller Year: 4th Year, Class of 2023 Hometown: Michigan City, IN Position: Treasurer Major: Chemical Engineering Minor: Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Favorite Rally Comm memory: Doing Spellout at the away Big Game where we WON THE AXE BABY Fun Fact: I’m the middle of two middles. My mom is the middle of 3, my dad is the …