About Us

The University of California Rally Committee’s members are the official guardians of Cal Spirit and Traditions.  They serve as the ambassadors of the University, and as such, are students who loyally dedicate themselves to the furthering of the Spirit of California. The Committee has much to offer to its members. Whether you enjoy yelling your heart out for the Golden Bears, learning about the University’s fascinating history, or coordinating some of the largest and most successful events on campus, the Rally Committee enables you to preserve and promote the California Spirit. Members receive neither monetary reward nor academic credit for committee participation.  Instead, members receive the satisfaction of knowing they are a part of something great – something that makes a difference in the campus community and in other students’ lives.  The Rally Committee promotes and protects the spirit that sets the University of California Berkeley apart from any other school in the country.


Below is a slideshow detailing some of the symbols we maintain, as well as events we organize.