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UC Rally Committee Meeting Agenda: September 23rd, 2020

Hello New Member! 

Welcome to our big happy family! I know there’s a lot to keep up with with school, home life, and trying to still figure out your college experience in this wacky semester. Here are some things to help make the most out of your time these next couple of weeks and so you can get to know us and our members better. 

  • Join the Slack: tinyurl.com/joinucrcslack
    • This is our primary source for communication with members so do this ASAP. You will be added to a New Member Channel as well. 
  • Attend SubCommittees
    • You’ll find these in the following agenda. You don’t have to come prepared with many ideas. Just come out and talk with your fellow Rally Committee members to help guide the execution of events for the semester.
  • Come to the Game Day this week! 
    • It’ll be a blast! And you can win a giftcard if you participate in the virtual scavenger hunt
  • Stay on the lookout on Slack for a New Member Social in the coming days!
  • Come to Office Hours! Tuesday Sep. 29th at 2pm come talk to me (Eric) your VC of Membership to ask questions or just hang out and vibe. If this time doesn’t work don’t worry, I’ll have more but also reach out anytime if you need anything via Slack’s DM function or email at ucrc.membership@gmail.com

How do I Join?

Sign Up Here It’s as easy as that! No need to fill out an application, pay dues*, or buy a rugby*. This sign-up form is just so we know who is in the committee,, the different time zones of our members, and to make sure you get put on the official committee email list so you don’t miss any announcements. If you have any questions about the sign-up or anything else related to being a member of the Rally Committee, reach out to our Vice-Chair of Membership Eric at ucrc.membership@gmail.com.

Returning Member?

Fill out the form too! It will help us keep membership information up to date. Thank you! 

Cal vs Utah circa. 2016 Virtual Watch Party (This Saturday)

Feel like you’re gonna be missing out on football season because of Covid? WELL YOU WON’T BE! Look forward to College Game Day (brought to you by Zoom)! We’ll be having some fun football watch parties this semester to resemble our actual season but get this… WINNING ONLY! This week we’ll be watching Cal vs Utah (2016) at XXXpm over Zoom. We’ll send out the link on Slack and via email so stay tuned!  We’ll be having fun challenges and activities throughout the gamelike “spot the rugby” to keep everyone engaged. Stay tuned for more details and if you have any questions reach out to Eric or Alyssa at ucrc.membership@gmail.com or ucrc.memberevents@gmail.com

Oski’s 79th Birthday Celebration

Bring yourselves and your friends and join me and fellow Rally Committee and Cal Spirit members in celebrating the birthday of our beloved Oski! This virtual Zoom event will be hosted on Sunday, September 27th at 2:00PM and will include the presentation of a birthday card and card stunt for Oski, a Kahoot game from Oski himself, and a performance from the Golden Overtones! As always, feel free to send a message through Slack or email/call Ryan Ackles at ucrc.specialevents@gmail.com/(760) 212-3790, respectively, with any questions or concerns about this particular event or the semester in general!

Blue & Gold Week Sub-Committee

Bring yourselves and your ideas to a Sub-Committee about Blue & Gold Week! For any new members, a Sub-Committee serves as a way for Committee members to generate ideas about upcoming events or spirit weeks. Without a football season for the fall (as we can tell at the moment) Blue & Gold Week will serve as a replacement for the typical Big Game Week ahead of the annual Cal/Stanfurd Big Game so that the Cal community can continue to show what makes us so great! This virtual Zoom event will be hosted on Monday, September 28th at 8:00PM! As always, feel free to send a message through Slack or email/call Ryan Ackles at ucrc.specialevents@gmail.com/(760) 212-3790, respectively, with any questions or concerns about this particular event or the semester in general!

Virtual Stunt Design Sub-Committee

Hi everyone! Next week your Directors of Stunts will be putting on a subcommittee to teach you how to make a virtual card stunt for our upcoming virtual game days! Did you know that all students have free access to awesome apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and many more? If not, swing by and we’ll teach you how to download these products and show you how to make a card stunt just like a DoCS would, so if you’re an aspiring designer zoom on over!  Our subcommittee will on Tuesday, September 29th at 7:00PM! We’ll also be having a card stunt showcase on gameday this Saturday! Grid out your paper, design your own stunt, fill it in and come to the game where we will have some time to show everyone’s stunts! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to Melissa or Paulina on Slack or email us at ucrc.stunts@gmail.com.

Big Bear/Baby Bear

The form for “big bear/ baby bear” will remain open for people who haven’t signed up but still want to be part of the fun for bear pairs and house cup later on. Here’s the link to the list of buddies! Older members: if your baby bear is already in slack please reach out as soon as you can! Conversely, New members: If you’re already in slack feel free to message your big bear – we’re all very nice people! If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or just wanna chat slack, email, or text Alyssa! (ucrc.memberevents@gmail.com | 831-601-0122) 

RSF Online Classes

While we may all be cooped up inside taking online classes, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fun opportunities to take a break from studying and spend all your energy exercising! There are a ton of online classes offered through the RSF, and Aidan and Sara made a slack channel called #rsf to connect you all to some exciting classes (like cardio dance and zumba)! Dance Jam class is being offered this week on Friday at 6pm! Sara and Aidan will send info on how to join in the slack channel. If you have any questions, feel free to slack message Aidan or Sara or you can send an email to them at ucrc.athletics@gmail.com 


Earn money for both the committee AND for the community in under 10 minutes! If you lived in an apartment in Berkeley (sorry, dorms and greek life were already counted) in February (pre-covid 2020) and have not yet filled out the census, go to census2020.gov and fill out the census for you and your roommates, and send Jazz a picture of the confirmation page by September 25 (no personal information should be on the confirmation page) to earn the committee money and get a virtual high-five from Jazz! Alternatively, if you already filled out the census: contact Jazz and send her a confirmation over text and still earn the committee money! For help filling out the census, questions, comments, or to send in a picture of the confirmation page, email ucrc.treasurer@gmail.com or contact @Jazz on slack!

UCRC Confessions Slack!

Ever had something so wild, unexpected, or embarrassing happen to you that you just couldn’t share in person? Have a story that would be a great conversation starter if it wasn’t so weird? Got a wacky quarantine story you’ve been dying to tell, but don’t know who? Then boy have I got just the thing for you! Join the UCRC Confessions slack channel to submit anonymous experiences you may have in regards to the committee or just in general. It’s a fun way to hear about life in the committee and during these crazy pandemic times and leave your replies! Who will have the next best reaction meme? Join the channel to see! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please message Paulina or email at paulina.kn@berkeley.edu. Happy confessing!


Because of the virtual semester, you do NOT need to buy a rugby this semester to be part of the committee. However, if you would like to buy a rugby, that is an option. The cost is $65 for a rugby and $10 for shipping if you are not located in Berkeley. Rugbies will be required in future, in-person semesters, but we will have some used options for people worried about the cost of a rugby when we reach those in-person semesters. To buy a rugby or to ask any questions, please email ucrc.treasurer@gmail.com.

Cal Fun Facts Of The Week

Would you like to be on the end of the year photo and picture collage, along with receiving exclusive Zoom backgrounds to make your online semester at Cal even more spirited? If so, please submit a Fun Fact about UC Berkeley to ucrc.traditions@gmail.com. Your 

contributions to the Spirit of California are greatly appreciated!

Zoom Backgrounds

UCRC Zoom Backgrounds! One perk of Zoom is the fun virtual backgrounds! Feel free to click this link and check out a few backgrounds the Marketing branch created :-)

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