Weekly Agenda

UC Rally Committee Meeting Agenda: December 2nd, 2020

Virtual Card Stunt for Big Give!

Have you been missing the stunts? Are you able to have your  virtual background off? Do you have Cal gear or blue and/or gold color clothes? Then you are invited to help us create the first ever zoom card stunt! This event will be happening on December 10! You can reserve your spot to participate here → Big Give Stunt! Please sign up by this Friday! 

If you have any questions, you can contact Paulina and/or Melissa through slack or email ucrc.stunts@gmail.com

150W Card Stunt!

Will you be in Berkeley next week? Want to help sort and set up the very last football card stunt of the year? Perfect! We will be card sorting on Tuesday 12/1 (10 am – 1 pm) and Wednesday 12/2 (11 am – 3 pm) and setting  up the stunt on Thursday 12/3 and Friday 12/4 from 8 am – 12 pm! If you are available at any of those times, please fill out this form → tinyurl.com/stunts5-2020 ! Same rules apply, you need to live in Berkeley and have a negative Covid test. 

If you have any questions, you can contact Paulina and/or Melissa through slack or email ucrc.stunts@gmail.com

Cookie Baking!!!

It’s your DOT coming back at you with another cool tradition! We usually make cookies to distribute at Midnight Singing, but we’re now doing that on Zoom as well! I’ll be making cookies on Thursday 12/4 at 11am (Zoom link: calhst), and the recipe I’ll be using will be posted on the Slack so you all can follow along. Hope to see you there!

Midnight Singing!!!

Do you want to be apart of the one of the coolest traditions in the Rally Committee? Of Course You Do!!! Midnight singing is RallyComm’s tradition to kick off game days. Usually we’d gather at the Campanile to sing our favorite Cal songs together; however, in these Corona times we’re doing Midnight Singing on Zoom!!! The Zoom link is calhst, and the event will commence at midnight on Friday 12/5. See y’all there!!!!

More New Member Official Committee Items

If you’re a new member who went through New Member Welcome please fill out the form at https://tinyurl.com/breakaddress so Joseph can send you your infobook/membership card/surprise over the break! Please do no fill out this form if you did not participate in New Member Welcome. 

Contact Joseph with questions or concerns | ucrc.communications@gmail.com or on slack!

Holiday Party

Want to know which house took the cake this semester?? Come to Holiday Party Wednesday December 9 @ 7 pm to find out AND to take a well-deserved study break and watch a fun holiday movie together! If you live in Berkeley and would like a ~special~ holiday beverage dropped off for you to enjoy as we watch the movie please fill out this form so Alyssa can finally put her bartending skills to the test and deliver it to you! 

Questions/comments/concerns? Reach out to Alyssa at ucrc.memberevents@gmail.com or on slack! 

RSF Online Classes

While we may all be cooped up inside taking online classes, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fun opportunities to take a break from studying and spend all your energy exercising! There are a ton of online classes offered through the RSF, and Aidan and Sara made a slack channel called #rsf to connect you all to some exciting classes (like cardio dance and zumba)! Dance Jam class is being offered this week on Friday at 6pm! Sara and Aidan will send info on how to join in the slack channel. If you have any questions, feel free to slack message Aidan or Sara or you can send an email to them at ucrc.athletics@gmail.com 

UCRC Confessions Slack!

Ever had something so wild, unexpected, or embarrassing happen to you that you just couldn’t share in person? Have a story that would be a great conversation starter if it wasn’t so weird? Got a wacky quarantine story you’ve been dying to tell, but don’t know who? Then boy have I got just the thing for you! Join the UCRC Confessions slack channel to submit anonymous experiences you may have in regards to the committee or just in general. It’s a fun way to hear about life in the committee and during these crazy pandemic times and leave your replies! Who will have the next best reaction meme? Join the channel to see! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please message Paulina or email at paulina.kn@berkeley.edu. Happy confessing!

Dear Alex Adler Advice Column

Still seeking advice from the OLDEST member of Rally Committee? Then by the power invested in the Director of Outreach, your wish will be granted! Send in your questions about academics, personal life, other to the “Dear Alex Adler Advice Column” or DAAAC (tinyurl.com/Dear-A-A-A-C) for short. It’s completely anonymous and a great way to get a second opinion about whatever you may need help with! There will also be a Slack channel where all the submissions/responses will be posted! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please message Director of Outreach Wesley Lu or email him at ucrc.outreach@gmail.com. Alex Adler looks forward to reading all of your queries, questions, and quips! 


Because of the virtual semester, you do NOT need to buy a rugby this semester to be part of the committee. However, if you would like to buy a rugby, that is an option. The cost is $65 for a rugby and $10 for shipping if you are not located in Berkeley. Rugbies will be required in future, in-person semesters, but we will have some used options for people worried about the cost of a rugby when we reach those in-person semesters. To buy a rugby or to ask any questions, please email ucrc.treasurer@gmail.com.

Cal Fun Facts Of The Week

Would you like to be on the end of the year photo and picture collage, along with receiving exclusive Zoom backgrounds to make your online semester at Cal even more spirited? If so, please submit a Fun Fact about UC Berkeley to ucrc.traditions@gmail.com. Your 

contributions to the Spirit of California are greatly appreciated!

Zoom Backgrounds

UCRC Zoom Backgrounds! One perk of Zoom is the fun virtual backgrounds! Feel free to click this link and check out a few backgrounds the Marketing branch created :-)

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