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UC Rally Committee Meeting Agenda: April 7th, 2021

2021-2022 ExComm Applications

Applications for next year’s Executive Committee are now open! If you are interested in applying to any director position please email ucrc.chair2021@gmail.com to request an application. You will have to attend Office Hours for any position(s) you are applying to before submitting your application; these can be found at tinyurl.com/ExCommOH. If none of these times work for you feel free to slack message the person currently holding that position to arrange a different time as well. Applications will be due this Friday, April 9th at 10PM as an electronic pdf to ucrc.chair2021@gmail.com. Should you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the new Executive Committee structure or anything else, please feel free to contact ucrc.chair2021@gmail.com. Go Bears!

End of Year Banquet!

The time has come again to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the 2020-2021 Committee at the UC Rally Committee’s annual End of Year Banquet! Alumni, campus partners, and members of the Committee are cordially invited to attend the virtual Zoom celebration to be held on Saturday, April 17th, 2021 at 6 PM. Feel free to dress up, bring your dinner, and please be sure to click here to RSVP on Eventbrite! The Event is FREE! However, because it is free if you want your glassware we are asking y’all to pay for this as it would normally be included in the price of ya $30 ticket

How do I Join?

Sign Up Here It’s as easy as that! No need to fill out an application, pay dues*, or buy a rugby*. This sign-up form is just so we know who is in the committee,, the different time zones of our members, and to make sure you get put on the official committee email list so you don’t miss any announcements. If you have any questions about the sign up or anything else related to being a member of the Rally Committee, reach out to our Vice Chair of Membership Eric at ucrc.membership@gmail.com.


Hello Seniors! Join the @Seniors channel (or ask to be added) to get updates about Stoles (yes they’re happening!), pins (yup, we’re getting those), and any other fun Senior things!!! Join here or at tinyurl.com/oldUCRC! For questions, please email ucrc.treasurer@gmail.com or slack @Jazz.

Mental Health Workshop (by the ASUC Mental Health Commission)

Missed the Mental health Workshop? No worries! All presentation materials can be viewed at this link whenever you want. We hope you take some time to look at them for information that will hopefully help you take better care of yourself this semester <3 Slack Wesley or email him at ucrc.outreach@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

House Cup

Visit http://tinyurl.com/fightthehouse to see the list of challenges for this semester!! We got some tough competition this semester!!! This week’s challenge of emphasis: make a house seal!!! 

If you have any questions, about the committee or just life, reach out to Alyssa at ucrc.memberevents@gmail.com or on slack!


AYOOOO grab your team, dress up, grab a ~beverage~ and log onto golf party THIS Saturday, April 10 from 7-8:30 pm!! I’ll be making a slack channel with everyone who signed up and will send more info tomorrow!! But get HYPED!! It’s gonna be so fun! 

If you have any questions, about the committee or just life, reach out to Alyssa at ucrc.memberevents@gmail.com or on slack!


Because of the virtual semester, you do NOT need to buy a rugby this semester to be part of the committee. However, if you would like to buy a rugby, that is an option. The cost is $65 for a rugby and $10 for shipping if you are not located in Berkeley (cash or check). Rugbies will be required in future, in-person semesters, but we will have some used options for people worried about the cost of a rugby when we reach those in-person semesters. To buy a rugby or to ask any questions, please email ucrc.treasurer@gmail.com.

Cal Fun Facts Of The Week

Would you like to be on the end of the year photo and picture collage, along with receiving exclusive Zoom backgrounds to make your online semester at Cal even more spirited? If so, please submit a Fun Fact about UC Berkeley to ucrc.traditions@gmail.com. Your 

contributions to the Spirit of California are greatly appreciated!

Zoom Backgrounds

UCRC Zoom Backgrounds! One perk of Zoom is the fun virtual backgrounds! Feel free to click this link and check out a few backgrounds the Marketing branch created :-)

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