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Confidential feedback form Link: Confidential Feedback Form!

Need Khakis?

Here are some links where you can buy khakis. You can also get them at Bear Basics! Even if you can’t order them, check out these links for ideas about fit and color!



Upcoming Events


Go to the game with Rally Comm this Saturday by signing up on this form. If you choose “maybe,” you need to tell Raina that you changed your mind by Thursday at 11am or you won’t be on the gatelist. The form CLOSES at MIDNIGHT on WEDNESDAY. On gameday meet at Sturdy the Bear (across the street from Haas School of Business) at 8:30 AM SHARP NO BERKELEY TIME. Wear your rugby (if you have one) and wear Cal gear. If you do wear a rugby PLEASE wear an undershirt. Bring a CLEAR water bottle and a CLEAR bag. If you have any questions, slack Raina or email her at ucrc.membership@gmail.com 

Noon Rally

Guess what? ITS NOON RALLY!!!! The Cal v. Oregon Noon Rally will be next Friday, October 28 @ 12:10 pm. Want to hang out with Cal Band, Mic Men, Oski, and others, then please meet at the bottom left of the Mario Savio Steps @ 11:45 am. NO BERKELEY TIME!! If you are gonna be late, please slack Hannah Pearson to let her know. Please come in your Rugby (Khakis not required). We will also be having some special guests from CAL FOOTBALL (maybe)!!  If you have any questions, please slack @Hannah Pearson or email Hannah at ucrc.specialevents@gmail.com Gooooo Beeeaaarrrss!!

Banner Guard at The Noon Rally 

Wendy, our DoS, needs your help protecting and hanging the Banner for The Noon Rally on Friday, October 28, 2022, at 11:30am. We will be meeting outside of Sproul Hall 30 minutes prior to the rally start time! To sign-up go to this cool form. Dresscode is Khakis, Closed toe shoes, and Rugbies. Slack Wendy or email her at ucrc.security@gmail.com for any questions, comments, or concerns.  There will also be a general slack message sent out so be on the look for that as well!

Cookie Baking

Bake cookies and make Pappy blindfolds for the game weekend with Greg! It will be held on Friday 10/28 from 7-9:30PM at 2204 Dwight Way, Unit A, Slack @Greg to let him know you’ll be there. Doing a cookie baking is part of the pin requirements for the DoT pin, and it’s a lot of fun! You can also email ucrc.traditions@gmail.com with any questions. Go Bears!

Midnight Singing

Sing songs and eat cookies with your Rally Comm buddies at 11:59PM on Friday 10/28 by the Campanile! It’ll be a fun time, so come on by! Remember, no UCRC merch including your rugbies. See you there! Slack @Greg or email ucrc.traditions@gmail.com with any questions. Go Bears, Beat the Ducks!

Banner Guard Oregon!

Picture this: A beautiful day, the excitement in the air, the anticipation of kickoff for Cal Football.  The California Victory Cannon has just been fired and the Bench is electrified, Rally Comm is cheering and screaming, Cal Band is playing beside us, and we are preparing to do our traditional Card Stunt.  But above all this excitement stands our California Banner, marking the Bench and the greater Memorial Stadium, as Bear Territory.  Wendy, our Director of Security, needs your help in guarding the California Banner during the game!  Be sure to sign-up for this gameday job in the post-meeting sign-in form to help Wendy protect our glorious banner!

Flag Waving for Football 

Do you want to be on the field to wave a California flag? Sign up for flag waving in the meeting sign-in! In order to participate, you must have attended a flag waving practice and wear khakis, closed-toe shoes, your rugby, and bring a water bottle! If you would like to wave a flag and have not had the chance to go to a flag waving practice, message us and we will work with you to find a time so you can join us for flag waving! Please email ucrc.athletics@gmail.com or slack @Ariana Terbijhe or @Andrew Chan with any questions!

Cannon Crew!

If you like making things go boom and having the best view of the stadium, then you’re in luck because you can sign up for Cannon Crew!! Malena and Lauren need your help getting the glorious California Victory Cannon on the hill and firing that baby. Hang out with the Cannoneers, learn about the history of the only student-run cannon in the nation, and take part in one of Cal’s most unique traditions! Sign up on the post-meeting form and feel free to slack @Malena or @Lauren or email them at ucrc.cannoneers@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Walking Banner

Parade up to the stadium with the Cal Marching Band, our mascot Oski, the Cal Mic Men, the Cal Dance Team, and of course all your Rally Committee friends! Sign up for Walking Banner, which takes place around and after the pregame rally on gameday. You can do Walking Banner with any other gameday job except for Spellout and Cannon Crew. Don’t miss this special nighttime edition of a great tradition! Sign up in the gameday form, and Slack @Greg or email ucrc.traditions@gmail.com with any questions.

UO Spellout

Want to be a part of the most fun and televised gameday job?! Sign up for spellout! You’ll be right at the front of the student section cheering on our golden bears, singing and dancing to Cal songs and just having a fun time with your fellow Committee members! The UO game will be on Saturday, October 29th and gatetime for spellout is at 8:30am at Sturdy the Bear! Spellout is a full-game job. Dress code is either a white shirt, sports bra or shirtless; rugbies and khakis are not required but you can waist your rugby at the game! Slack Jordan or email him at ucrc.memberevents@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns!

Tunnel Crew

Want to see football players in real life? Did you like playing parachute as a kid? Just like chilling on the Football field? Then tunnel crew is the Game Day Job for you! Sign up for tunnel crew to welcome our California Golden Bears Football Players onto the field at the start of the Football Game. People who participate in Tunnel Crew either raise up the Windflags when the football players run out, or wave around the giant “This is Bear Territory” banner on the field (like playing with the parachute as a kid). The only other jobs that Tunnel Crew conflicts with is Cannon Crew, Spell Out, and Pre Game Runnout (flags). This job does require you wear a Rugby and Khakis. Questions? Feel free to slack @Hannah Pearson or email Hannah at ucrc.specialevents@gmail.com Go Bears!!

UO Postgame

Celebrate finishing the Halloween gameday a postgame!! Theme: Costumes!! Wear your favorite Halloween costume and get all dressed up with your friends! The postgame will be on Saturday, September 29th; location and time will be announced during cleanup after the game! In order to be able to go to the UO postgame, you need to help the Committee with stunts setup and cleanup (unless you are on Cannon Crew) as well as go to the UO game with the Committee!  As always, bring your own cup and Slack Jordan or email him at ucrc.memberevents@gmail.com if you have any other questions! Hope to see you there :)

Big C Painting

On Thursday, October 27, at 6:00pm Wendy, the DoS, will be going up to the Big C and painting it back to yellow. If you are interested in going sign up using this form. If you have any questions slack or email Wendy: @Wendy A, Or ucrc.security@gmail.com . Go Bears

U$C Road Trip!!

Guess what time it is? ITS ROAD TRIP TIME!! We are planning a road trip down to Southern California to see our California Golden Bears play against the University of $outhern California Trojans. This road trip is NOT an official UC Rally Committee Event!! This is a group of Cal students going to U$C for the football game. We will be leaving for Southern Cal on Friday, November 4. We will be leaving throughout the day, so you will be assigned to cars based on your availability. GAMEDAY will be Saturday, November 5. We will then leave Sunday morning (November 6) to head back up to Berkeley. We will have a sleepover in an Airbnb on Friday night and Saturday night. The cost will be split among everyone, and include breakfast for 2 days. Be prepared to pay for a ticket to the football game (cost = $43), all other meals, and gas for your car. If you are interested in going on this road trip, please fill out the interest form @ tinyurl.com/uscroadtrip (this form is currently non-binding). If you have any questions, slack Aimee Larios, Alyssa Hurtado, Hannah Pearson, Julia Miller, or Kori Amidei. Go Bears, Beat the Trojans!! 

The Big Freeze

What better way to get into the spirit of Big Game Week than a rivalry hockey game!  Mark your calendars for Thursday 11/10 (Time TBD) as $tanfurd will be visiting the Oakland Ice Center to take on our California Golden Bears in an ice hockey game better known as The Big Freeze! You’ll need to pay for a BART ride to and from the 19th Street/Oakland stop ($4.30 round-trip) and maybe $5 for a ticket?  More information will come in the coming weeks leading up to the event, including time and cost of the game.  If you have any questions or concerns about this event, feel free to slack message Enrique Ortiz or email him at enrique_ortiz@berkeley.edu!

Bear Buddies

The first rotation of Bear Buddies is coming to an end! If you would like to join the second rotation or keep going with Bear Buddies, please fill out this form by November 1 at 2pm! All Bear Buddy announcements will be made in the Bear Buddies Slack channel after the second rotation pairings are announced at meeting on November 2. If you have any questions, comments or concerns Slack Jordan or email him at ucrc.memberevents@gmail.com.

Ongoing Events

Rallies/Special Events Pin!

NEW PIN WHO DIS??? Introducing the new Rallies/Special Events pin! Requirements you already achieved will be counted, and the requirements are as follows:

  • 1 tunnel crew
  • Full Homecoming Rally Gameday job (start time at/before 5pm and working through the rally) or helping at Axe Rally* (either during or after the rally, depends on need and availability)
  • Two rallies (noon and/or night rallies)
  • Three other special events* (eg Cal Cornhole, other Big Game Week events)

There will be some caveats with some of the event requirements, but more information will be incoming in the next few weeks :) Slack @Max or @Hannah with questions about our specific requirements!


Member Spotlights

There are so many amazing members doing so many amazing things, and we want to spotlight them! We need y’all’s nominations to do this, so please nominate older or new members to be spotlighted at HERE or at https://tinyurl.com/UCRCSpotlight . Feel free to slack Enrique with any questions or concerns.


Director of Traditions Histories and Fun Facts Form

What do you want to learn about in the next year? Fill out this form to participate in some fun new traditions and to make your voice heard! Please take three minutes to fill out this form so that the weekly history presentations are about topics that you are interested in learning about! Also feel free to email Greg your suggestions and Fun Facts at ucrc.traditions@gmail.com. Go Bears!


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Suggestion Form

We will be having DEI presentations at most meetings, and we’d love to get your input! Fill out this form if you have suggestions for topics. You can volunteer to help Abigail with research and writing presentations, and you can also choose to give presentations, too! If you have any questions, feel free to email Abigail at ucrc.externalrelations@gmail.com. Thank you!

House Cup

It’s a new year so that means a new round of House Cup! Join your fellow Committee members in a year-long bonding experience where you complete challenges to earn points to win the coveted House Cup!!!!! House Cup has started, but you can join House Cup at any point throughout the year, so if you or a friend ever wants to join Slack Jordan or email him at ucrc.memberevents@gmail.com! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Jordan using either of the previously mentioned methods. Go Bears!!

Sports Leaders

Do you have a favorite sport besides football or basketball? Want to bring your friends to go watch the games with you? Sign up to be a Sports Leader! If you sign up, you will be able to bring a group of RallyComm friends to go watch the games with you and will announce the games beforehand so the committee knows where and when to meet you. Fill out the interest form or email ucrc.athletics@gmail.com if your interested of becoming a sports leader! Slack Ariana and Andrew if you have any questions!

Member Events Suggestion + Feedback Form

Do you want to have a direct impact on the fun internal events that occur throughout the year? Have an idea for House Cup or Bear Buddies? Just want to talk to Jordan through a form? Fill out this form to give Jordan feedback and suggestions for Member Events! All responses will stay between you and Jordan (Raina and Kori will be informed if necessary), so be honest – Jordan wants to hear your input!

Kudos Form

Show some love to your fellow Rally Comm members by filling out a kudos for them! Bella will read all the kudos every week at meeting. Here’s the link!

Add the UCRC Calendar!

To keep up with our latest events, including times, dates, and locations, make sure to add the official Rally Committee calendar to your bCal. Follow this link to add our calendar to your schedule and make sure you’re up to date with all the happenings. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Bella at ucrc.communications@gmail.com or slack @Bella! 


UCRC Constitution and Bylaws

If you’d like to take a look at the UC Rally Committee’s constitution and bylaws, you can check them out on CalLink through this link!

Did you read the full agenda?

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