Weekly Agenda

UC Rally Committee Meeting Agenda: May 4th, 2019

Table of Contents

  1. Message from your Vice Chair of Communications
  2. Anonymous Feedback Form
  3. Commencement Card Sorting
  4. Art History Symposium 
  1. Message from your Vice Chair Of Communications

Hello Golden Bears, this is Eric Manzo your Vice Chair of Communications for the 2019-2020 school year! I am sending out this agenda in case you were unable to attend our meeting tonight, or because you were not able to hear everything (or anything) that was discussed at the meeting. Additionally, here is a spreadsheet with all of the ExComm members and their respective emails. If you have any questions about the Committee, or what a specific position does, do not hesitate to reach out to any or all of us!

  1. Anonymous Feedback Form

This year we will be putting out this form so members can submit anonymous feedback for the executive committee to address. If an issue is brought up that we believe would benefit from group discussion it will be brought up during pre-meetings. Use this space to speak freely about events, actions the committee takes, or offer suggestions to improve ourselves. It is Claire and Eric that will be going through these. If you have any questions please bring them up to your VC of Communications or any member of Board.

  1. Card Sorting

Hello Loyal Californians! There will be a Card Sorting next Thursday (5/9) from 1pm – 3pm North Tunnel at California Memorial Stadium. We need to prep for commencement! The theme is “It’s Not a Phase Mom”. If you have any questions ask Caroline or email ucrc.stunts@gmail.com

  1. Art History Symposium: “Building Berkeley: Women, Men, and Architecture”

On May 7th from 2-5:30pm beginning at the Women’s Faculty Club, Hanna’s and Conrad’s Art History class will be presenting a symposium and leading walking tours around campus, discussing our research on beloved (and misunderstood) landmarks and structures, ranging from Doe Library to North Gate Hall to Evans Hall, and many many more in between! In addition, this is a very rare opportunity to go inside Senior Hall, which is normally closed the rest of the year. So take a break from studying this RRR week and join us for this wonderful event! The Women’s Faculty Club is hosting the symposium and the reception afterward, and they are requiring that guests RSVP with them (but it’s totally free of charge!!). To do so, please email them at womensfacultyclub@gmail.com or call at (510) 642-4175. For any questions about the event itself, feel free to reach out to Hanna (hhitchcock@berkeley.edu) or Conrad (cmbrenneman16@berkeley.edu). The students in this class have been researching thoroughly all semester and are soooo excited to share this part of our campus heritage with you all! Go Bears and Go Art History!

Happy RRR Week! Push through and finish the year strong. Hope y’all have a great summer!

 I’m super excited to be your VC Communications for this year! Fill out this fun form so I know you read it all the way through :)

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