Weekly Agenda

UC Rally Committee Meeting Agenda: September 19th, 2018

Table of Contents

  1.     Introduction
  2.     Rally Comm Sign up Form 
  3.     Join the Committee
  4.     Brother Bear
  5.     Outreach Office Hours
  6.     Card Sorting
  7.     Pick-up Volleyball Game
  8.     Cal Athletic Event – Volleyball
  9.     Sports Leaders
  10.     Pin Requirements
  11.     Our Monologues 
  12.     Fun Cal Fact
  13.     Rally Comm Social Media
  1. Introduction

Hello fellow Californians, my name is Sierra Abasolo and I am your Director of Communications for the 2018-2019 school year! I am sending out this agenda in case you were unable to attend meeting tonight, or because you were not able to hear everything that was discussed in meeting. Additionally, here is a spreadsheet with all of the ExComm members and their respective emails. If you have any questions about the Committee, or what a specific position does, do not hesitate to reach out to any or all of us!

General reminder: It’s not too late to sign up for the Committee, just fill out the sign up form below, and pay Lauren $40 for membership dues and $55 for the rugbies. Remember cash or check only.

  1. Rally Committee Sign up Form

Hello everybody! If you are interested in the UC Rally Committee and are ready to sign up to be a member of this wonderful organization, please fill out the sign-up form. This is step one of two for joining the UC Rally Committee! Please complete this form to the best of your ability within the next few days. Also note, ALL OLDER MEMBERS must fill out this document as well. Also, this form only needs to be filled out once. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Dean at ucrc.membership@gmail.com! Fiat Lux!

  1. Join the Committee

If you would like to go to join the Committee, you first need to pay your dues and pre-order a rugby! Dues are $40 for all new and returning members, and a rugby is $55. The rugbies will be available in Mid-September, but in the meantime, members can wear the blue and gold Tie-Dye shirts to Committee events. You can pay with either cash or check (checks made out to ASUC/UCRC). All payments must be made before Game day if you want to go to the game with the committee. If you have financial concerns email Lauren at ucrc.treasurer@gmail.com.

  1. Brother Bear

Hello everyone! Brother Bear is a buddy program to bring together the new members and the older members. I (Sierra) will be pairing new members with their “brother bear” so the older bear can answer any questions they have and show them how game day works in the committee. Both new and old members can sign up here to join. How this will work is if you hangout together outside of Rally Comm events you will get 5 points, if you do my special event each week you will get 10 points, and if you hangout with another group of bears you get another 5 points. This weeks special events is: Hanging out on the glade! this week is beautiful weather for frisbee, card games, or a picnic together. Please contact me at ucrc.communications@gmail.com if you have any questions. Go Bears!

  1. Outreach Office Hours

Have any ideas or thoughts you’d like to share about game days? Any suggestions of fun things for the Committee to do? Do you know a student group that wants to collaborate with the Committee? Swing by Leeza’s weekly office hours on Thursdays from 1pm-4pm at Free Speech Movement Cafe. If you have any questions, reach out to Leeza at ucrc.outreach@gmail.com.

  1. Card Sorting 

Hello everybody! We will be holding a card sorting this Thursday (9/20) from 12:30pm – 4pm  and this Friday (9/21) from 12:00pm-4pm in the North Tunnel of Memorial Stadium to make sure we’re ready for the game next week against Oregon! Come join Eric sort cards to get them ready for the card stunt during halftime at the football game! Remember, to get the Card Stunt Pin, you need either 6 hours of sorting and 1 string crew or 10 hours of sorting! If you have any questions or just feel like talking to Eric, contact him at ucrc.stunts@gmail.com.

***Also, look at our facebook page before the sorting for any updates I might have such as a time change, if I’m running late, etc.

  1. UCRC Pickup Sand Volleyball Match

Are you bummed that Cal Football is not playing this Saturday? If so (or even if not, but why aren’t you…seriously though why…) come out and join fellow Rally Committee members at the Clark Kerr Beach Volleyball Court located here on Saturday, September 22nd at 2pm for a game of beach volleyball. Afterwards, we can all go out and grab dinner, so if you just want to come out to dinner with us all look out for a Facebook post saturday evening about where we are going to eat and at what time. If you have any questions or comments, please email Zander Danto at zanderdanto@berkeley.edu or Claire Robbins at ucrc.publicity@gmail.com!

  1. Cal Athletics Events This Week

Each week, Rally Comm will be going to different, smaller sporting events for fun to support and cheer on our various teams, and also to just hang out together! This week’s games the Committee will be attending:

Sunday 9/23: Cal Volleyball vs. Arizona State @ 1:30PM

If you would like to flag wave during either volleyball game please email ucrc.athletics@gmail.com.

*To flag wave during the volleyball game you must be wearing khakis, close-toed shoes, and your rugby.*

*Khakis and close-toed shoes are not required if you are just attending the game to spectate and have fun, but feel free to wear your Rugby (Rugby Rules will apply).

  1. Sport Leaders

Many sports that are considered “small” are big to Rally Committee! Thus, we would like to help support these so-called “small sports” to raise them to their deserved glory. Becoming a Sport Leader is a low commitment position meant to facilitate Committee bonding through attendance and support of these “small sports”. You would pick some game(s) to go to, announce it to the Committee, and potentially host a bonding event before or after the game. Options for sports in the Fall include but are not limited to: Volleyball, Soccer, Men’s Water Polo, Men’s/Women’s Swimming and Diving, etc. Note that there will not be any limit to how many leaders each sport can have. If you are interested in being a Sport Leader, please email Emily and Jeremy at ucrc.athletics@gmail.com. 

  1. Pin Requirements!

Hey click here to view all of the requirements to earn pins. All the pins are really cool, and you get to show them off by wearing them proudly on your rugby!

  1. Our Monologues

This year, Gender and Equity Resource Center is revamping the “Vagina Monologues” and creating “Our Monologues” for UC Berkeley students to share their own personal stories. The show plans to range in topics from race and gender-identity, to whatever students feel comfortable sharing. If you think you might be interested, check out their Facebook Page here. For more details feel free to ask Leeza at ucrc.outreach@gmail.com or email the Our Monologues coordinators at ourmonsucb@gmail.com

  1. Fun Cal Fact of the Week

Have so much Cal spirit that you don’t know what to do with? How about short, fun facts about Cal history that your fellow Committee members need to know? If so, please email Hanna at ucrc.traditions@gmail.com to submit your knowledge to be featured in the weekly history segment “Fun Cal Fact”! She would love to hear from you and share your appreciation for this wonderful University.

  1. Rally Comm Social Media


If you’re on Facebook and would like to see all pictures having to do with the UCRC events, friend Alex Adler on Facebook. Please remember not to tag people in pictures taken at our Post Game events without their consent. Additionally, please follow/join these UC Rally Committee social media groups to keep up with all things UCRC related:


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