What We Do

As the Guardians of California Spirit and Traditions, the Rally Committee is entrusted with the guardianship of the most precious symbols of California.

The California Banner
When the California Banner is hanging high above the Cal Student Section, the section becomes the Greatest Rooting Section in the World. The Rally Committee is responsible for the maintenance and protection of the banner. It is hung by the Director of Security at both football and basketball games.

The California Victory Cannon
The California Victory Cannon, a gift donated by the Class of 1964, is fired from its platform on Tightwad Hill by our two Cannoneers. The Cannon is fired at the beginning of each home football game, after each score, and after each victory. As a member, you have the opportunity to serve on Cannon Crew and help fire the California Victory Cannon!

Card Stunts
Card Stunts were invented at the University of California in 1910 and have been a tradition ever since. The Committee designs the show, sorts the cards, sets up the cards before the football game, coordinates the show, and collects the cards during halftime and after the game. The Director of Stunts plays a huge role in instructing Committee members on how to sort, set up, coordinate, and collect cards.
You can see some of the stunts here.

The Cal Flags
The Rally Committee has custody of the official Cal Flags. The flags are run out in front of the football team when they take the field, waved when Cal Band plays a Cal Song, and waved at smaller sporting events.

The Big "C"
The Big "C" on Charter Hill is one of the most renowned symbols of California Spirit. The Rally Committee is the official guardian of this symbol. We protect it from pranks and repaint it often. There are many opportunities to join the Director of Security in venturing to the Big ā€œCā€ to help repaint. The hike is fun, and the view is always beautiful.


As our name might suggest, the UC Rally Committee is responsible for the direction and production of all spirit rallies on campus. The Director of Rallies and members of the Spirit Branch, with the help of the Executive Committee, make the final plans on all matters concerning rallies. There are several types of rallies put on by the Committee.

Noon Rallies
On the Friday before each home game, a rally is put on at noon on the Sproul Hall Steps. The Band, Dance Team, Mic Men, Oski, and the Rally Committee all join together for a short rally, usually only fifteen to twenty minutes, to catch people on their way to and from class and pump them up before the game the next day.

Homecoming Rally
The Homecoming Rally is held the night before the Homecoming Game in Haas Pavilion. The goal of this rally is to showcase Cal Spirit to both students and alumni.

Bonfire Rally
The Bonfire Rally is the largest and most important event put on by the UC Rally Committee. Held in the Hearst Greek Theatre on the eve of Big Game, it is by far the most stunning display of the Spirit of California that one can find at this University. Enjoyed by thousands of students and alumni alike, this bonfire is a key component in firing up our fellow Californians before the Big Game.

Special Rallies
Throughout the year, there are several special rallies put on by the Committee. Night Rallies are planned by the Director of Special Events. These traveling rallies begin at Bowles Hall and make their way through the Greeks and down into each Unit, usually coming to an end on Upper or Lower Sproul. People join in and follow the rally to its end. Cable Car Rally is another traveling rally. It occurs on the Monday of Big Game Week in San Francisco. We join Band in taking over a Cable Car, riding it through the streets of San Francisco playing Cal Songs, while being cheered on by alumni as we pass. It finishes with a small rally in Union Square. Tree Chopping Rally is another Big Game Week rally. It is also planned by the Director of Special Events. For this rally, we team up with the Cal Logging Sports Team to put on an event that shows our Big Game pride. Finally, the Pajamarino Rally, a tradition being brought back by the current Director of Rallies, is a student-wide pajama party and rally.

The blue and gold striped rugby is the uniform of the Rally Committee. Worn to all official events, the stitching over the heart reminds the wearer that they represent the University of California at Berkeley. There are certain policies for how and when the rugby is worn. Click here to learn more about those policies.

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